Fur Trappers of Washington State

Fur Trade in the Northwest · Fur Trading:
  • Fur trading was big in the Pacific Northwest from the 1780s to the 1840s. People wanted furs for fashion and warmth. Great Britain, Trappers Hudson’s Bay Company:
  • Largest and most successful fur trading company Built Fort Vancouver – center for trading in Pacific Northwest Controlled the fur trade in the region Led by Dr. John McLoughlin Leader of Fort Vancouver Excellent trapper, medical doctor, ambitious leader Gained reputation as a good and fair businessman Indians called him “White Headed Eagle” Did extensive trading with the Native Americans
  • United States, Trappers John Jacob Astor started first U.S. fur trading company in area (at what is now Astoria, Oregon), but eventually had to sell out to the British. U.S. fur companies had trouble competing against the Hudson’s Bay Company. End to Fur Trade
  • By 1840’s fur era was over
  • Animals over trapped
  • Fashion styles changed
  • More people moved in